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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

king of the dudes- one that got away from early 2012

dave graney and the mistLY were to release a rockn’roll album in the second half of 2012.It was the blazing west coast guitar pop album "you've been in my mind".
In the meantime, Dave Graney recorded “king of the dudes” and decided to put it out digitally. For the hell of it.
It was a  one off kind of a tune. Electro boogie in style with all instruments played by Dave Graney. Guitars sliding and vamping way back in the mix. And up high. Reminiscent in parts of “night theme” from Iggy Pop and James Williamsons late 70s opus , “kill city”.

If there was a town
If there was a  city
If there was a  world worth lordin’ it over
I would be there ignoring one and all
Cool as spreading fern
King of the dudes…”

The title came from a character in a book about 19th Yankee railroad robber barons. Dave Graney, as usual, took off from there with a hiccup driven stroll and a meditation on the strength to be drawn from time alone. Gathering strength to throw yourself once again into the social world. The whirling world of gossip, reputation and useless but addictive political intrigue.


"I played electric and acoustic guitar and pressed play on the rhythm machine. I recorded the rhythm track after I'd done all the guitars and set it to the tempo of the click track. It’s a 90s electro groove that I recorded with effects and cut it up and used fills to vary it here and there. I am no expert at that sort of stuff and seemed to get lucky.
I bounced the whole rhythm track through a tape simulator with lots of slap delay, wow and flutter and noise dialled in to give it some weirdness and grit and then used that as a stereo track again. I then put some of those elements back in without all the delay to get some punchiness back in to the mix.
The lyric was written ages ago. A long time ago. I have a folder of scribbled and printed pages called “old shit?” I found it scribbled on a crumbled up page. “King of the dudes”. I added a few lines here and there.
It was inspired by a fellow called Evander Berry Wall who was known as “king of the dudes”. 

dave graney and the mistLY live dates .
Friday August 30th - dave graney and clare moore will be playing at the Barossa Regional gallery in Tanunda SA
Saturday August 31st and Sunday Sept 1st dave graney and the mistLY will be playing at the Wheatsheaf in Adelaide , SA.

the DAMES (Clare Moore writing and playing as part of a trio) play the Bridge Hotel in Castlemaine Saturday 14th September and launch their debut album Sunday, 2pm in the afternoon 29th September at the Northcote Social Club.
Special guests - the Morning After Girls. .
Every friday evening in september dave graney will be playing an acoustic solo set at the Cornish Arms in Sydney rd Brunswick.

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