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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

albums at itunes in "2015 expanded editions" - extra tracks in most cases. Some at itunes for the first time.

art by tony mahony
The original 12 track album from 2000 with added tracks ...
The Big Fella
Drugs are wasted on the young (mellow soft jazz demo version)
I need some scratch (acoustic remake)
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (acoustic remake)

FEARFUL WIGGINGS - 2014 - via BandCamp

art tony mahony

2014 solo Dave Graney album - features Everything Was Legendary with Robert, How Can You Get Out Of London?, A Woman Skinies a Man Up and more.

art tony mahony

                                                                at itunes now

Albums avalable separatley as Dave Graney and Clare Moore sets via Bandcamp


YOU'VE BEEN IN MY MIND - 2012 album - dave graney and the mistLY
at Bandcamp now

you’ve been in my mind is the new album from dave graney and the mistLY (aka the lurid yellow mist).
An album of short, whip-smart pop rock songs with lashings of ideas, flash,wit and bounce.
That’s dave graney on electric 12 string guitar, stuart perera on blazing left handed Rickenbacker, clare moore on drums and stu thomas on bass, with everybody singing too.
recorded with engineer andrew “idge” hehir at soundpark in Brunswick and mixed by dave graney at the ponderosa, its the first collection of new graney songs since “knock yourself out” in 2009.
a few words from dave…

this bunch of songs was recorded quickly, just the way I like it. Its not about layers of sounds, its just the simple setup of the band in the room and the songs. We knew them all pretty well so every song was put down to the machines with absolute certainty, power and poise. Its got all the flavours and tones about music that I’ve loved.They all came out in this session. . I guess the bedrock tone and attitude of my music is 70s rock. That’s the west coast american sound in the vocals and my guitar and the r&b grooves and the jazz voicings of the chords. They are all the changes and tempos that come out of me, naturally. Its pretty upbeat and begins with a 2:40 second song called blues negative that’s over before you know it and doesn’t let up”.

At itumes in an expanded edition with five extra tracks

Originally released 2006.

2015 reflections.....this was a representation of a certain type of live show we were doing around this time. "Hashish and Liquor" were albums that needed the right situations to playthem in. And Mark Fitzgibbon on deck all the time. That wasn't always possible so we did shows in this trio style. Then we decided to record it. A way of approaching songs in a "remix" type of way but "mixing" the songs through the filters of different instruments. We did this again later with both "Supermodified" and "rock'n'roll is where I hide".The songs came from all sorts of previous albums of ours. the earliest being " a million dollars in a red velvet suit: from 1991's "I was the hunter and I was the prey" and "there was a time" from 1994's "you wanna be there but you don't wanna travel". we did a lot of touring with this setup. Vibes, bass and 12 string acoustic. It was very portable. Suited theatres the best.We also covered Suicide, Mose Allison and M.

at itunes now

WE WUZ CURIOUS - 2008 mistLY MASTERPIECE via Bandcamp now

or at itunes now

2015 reflection... From Hashish and Liquor (via Keepin' it unreal) to this. It was a real rejuvenating period and I was full of artistic ambition and excitement. Coming from the band I guess. Stu Perera really stepping out and having Stu Thomas in the band. Then adding Mark Fitzgibbons' amazing chops. I love this album. All my favourite records that we've made start from "the devil drives" in 1997. That and "the dave graney show" in 1998 were also real artistic high points although I was in a much darker, beseiged, clossed off frame of mind then. I was like a punchy boxer.
By the time of "we wuz curious" I was in a much happier place. Playing a lot more guitar got me back into performing music in a different way. I love the r&b feels and the twin guitars and amazing keys on this album.

Fave lyric ... "douglas was in bed with a young girl / mary walked into the room
he said "who are you goin to believe? me or your eyes?"
he lit a cigarette and stared / the girl got dressed and left / comforted his wife made his bed and waked out himself
are you fuckin with me?"

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