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Thursday, 8 December 2016

December digital release for Dave Graney and Clare Moore - I Ain't Hi Vis

2016 has seen the release of ten digital tracks from Dave Ganey and Clare Moore since February.

I'm A Good Hater
This Is The Deadest Place I've Ever Died In
I Been Trendy
Drifting Donna Reed
Are You Out Of Your Mind? (Get Back In)
You Need A Kleek, Klook
Rupert's Pets Grave
Matey, From On High
Let's Kick This Mob Out

and for December we have I Ain't Hi Vis .

All manual workers in public places in Australia wear fleuro or hi vis clothing. Upon donning the strangely medieavel looking apparel, they are immediately accorded the role of authentic, respected, valued members of society and are allowed access to all areas. No questions - they have rank and accreditation.
What are you looking at?

Dave Graney is a musician and performer; an illegitimate, dodgy, shiftless lair of a character for sure, if such a dude is ever seen loitering in any public place. In a forest clearing. In his or her flash clothes and glaring lack of any tools or skills useful for the economy -  stupid.
Luckily Dave Graney and Clare Moore are rarely seen in public areas, and even then they are way, way deep inside a scrum of more normal looking, generic, nice, ordinary  players.

I ain't hi vis
kinda FIFO though'old school FIFO
FE FI FO fum

I ain't in plastic yellow
I ain't in danger
not standin' on a stage like this

I'm in the scrollin' teens
rough seas
nothin' changes though
people come and go

I ain't Hi Vis
I don't need it
the attention
I ain't got no tools
just flash clothes

cream buns at eleven
be alright I s'pose
I ain't got no tools
just flash clothes

I ain't Hi Vis
I'm underworld
I ain't got no tools
just flash clothes


released December 8, 2016
Dave Graney, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keys and lead vocals
Clare Moore, drums, percussion, backing vocals.

Recorded and Mixed by Dave Graney at the Ponderosa in November 2016.

Dave Graney and Clare Moore have played all the instruments on all the tracks save for Drifting Donna Reed which was credited to dave graney and the mistLY.

Each song was written and recorded each month. No stockpiling, just flashes of inspiration and equally flash recording and mixing sessions at their studio which they dubbed, lomnh ago, teh Ponderosa. The main features that have linked the songs have been Dave Graney using his Maton Alver acoustic guitar which he had serviced late 2015 and a vintage (70s) AKG microphone for most of teh lead vocals.

Upcoming shows
Dave Graney – one of several vocalists (with Kylie Auldist, Kim Salmon, Ron Peno, Max Sharam) in the show BOWIE IN BERLIN – music director Mick Harvey. Clare Moore drums, Stu Thomas bass, Robin Casinader keys
Jan 6th – Triffid Brisbane,  
Jan 7th Enmore theatre Sydney,  
Jan 8th Hamer Hall Melbourne 
Jan 14th Regal Theatre Perth

Dave Graney And the mistLY
Friday Feb 10th 2017
Appearing with VICTORIANA GAYE who are launching their new album
Caravan Club - Melbourne

Harry Howard and the NDE
Flying Saucer Club Feb 17th

Dave Graney And the mistLY
Feb 22nd Aotea Square concert Auckland Feb 24th , Golden Dawn, Auckland

Dave Graney'n' the Coral Snakes
Melbourne NGV March 3rd

Lizottes in Newcastle March 31st.
Sydney April 1st - the Basement

Further dates to follow. 


Thanks to everybody who came to see Dave Graney shows either with the mistLY or the Coral Snakes and who have also  been supporting these digital releases.

picture by Barry C Douglas

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