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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Dave Graney and Clare Moore- January 2017 single I NEED TO BE HOT

January 2017 has seen Dave Graney and Clare Moore involved in the BOWIE IN BERLIN series of shows - musical director Mick Harvey - around Australiaand also coping with a recent flodding of their Ponderosa Studio. All is detailed here in Dave Graney's blog.

A review from the show at the Enmore theatre in Sydney.

We are here to talk about the January digital release I NEED TO BE HOT.

Dave Graney leads it in with hs new 24' ultra short scale bass , Clare Moore on drums and electric guitars again by Dave Graney. A sly and soulful groover of a song. The chorus building and building. Very economical with the words. A BIG chorus.

Hot vs COOL. Two polarities long worried at in popular music.

Louis Armstrong and Django Reinhardt were HOT.
Miles Davis was there at the birth of the COOL. Chet Bakerwas there. Charlie Parker had both.
Drugs helped. Elvis and Little Richard were HOT. Scott Walker COOL.

Money helps with cool. You don't worry with cash or a long credit line from home. Money from Home. COOL.

People respect cool. Gregory Isaacs, the COOL RULER. He did it with style and ganga.
Slick Rick. COOL. LL COOL J - invariably HOT! Rakim - you know it!

James Brown? Definitely hot. Curtis Mayfield COOL. Fridgelike!

Drugs? Paradoxically, Ice seems to make people hot.

Jim Morrison -cool . Rob Tyner - hot.

Television? Hell and Verlaine - the COOLEST!

Flippping the coin, Dave Graney decided he needs to be hot.

I guess it's the heat from outside he's talking about. The track itself is COOL. (He's on a  Birdseye Kick!)

Dave Graney And the mistLY
Friday Feb 10th 2017
Appearing with VICTORIANA GAYE who are launching their new album
Caravan Club - Melbourne

Harry Howard and the NDE
Flying Saucer Club Feb 17th

Dave Graney And the mistLY
Feb 22nd Aotea Square concert Auckland Feb 23rd , Golden Dawn, Auckland
Dave Graney and Clare Moore NSW dates w/ special guests from Brussels/Miami Georgio "the Dove" Valentino and Patrizia.

Sunday 2nd April(2.30pm - 5.30pm TBC)- Dangar Island Bowling Club NSW
Tuesday 4th April (7pm - 9pm) Georgio only @ The Bearded Tit -
Thursday 6th April - Oxley Wine Bar Cowra
Friday 7th April - Tooses Wine Bar , 490-494 Argyle St, Moss Vale
Saturday 8th April - Gearin Hotel, Katoomba
Sunday 9th April - Smiths Canberra

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