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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Dave Graney and Clare Moore February digital release - BE SAD FOR ME - live shows with Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes

Be Sad For Me is the new digital release for Dave Graney and Clare Moore. The twelfth since February 2016.

Available at Bandcamp and at every other digital portal via this link.

BE SAD FOR ME is a 2:38  packet of sound. A rare breakthrough of the three minute barrier for Dave Graney. The writer and singer is asking the listener - or passerby- to feel sad INSTEAD OF HIM doing it. In his place. Not to be sad for the singer himself. He is "outsourcing his tears".

Be Sad For Me!
I’m outsourcing my tears
cryin’ it forward
Here’s a minor chord
strum it!
they will come
tears of a stadium
tears for streaming
here - have some of mine
help yourself!
you can cry for me
I’m all choked up
but I don’t have much time
Be sad For Me
I’ll owe you big time
Be Sad For Me!
I’m outsourcing my tears


released February 24, 2017
Recorded and mixed at the Ponderosa by Dave Graney and Clare Moore January 2017.

Dave Graney-guitars, bass, vocal.
Clare Moore - drums, vibes, marimba, vocals
Matt Walker - harmonica

It follows I Need To Be Hot...

And that followed I Ain't Hi Vis...

Dave Graney interviewed January 2017 ABC Radio National Drive with Patricia Karvelas.
Dave Graney and Alicia Sometimes with Francis Leach SEN Sports radio Feb 2017.
Dave Graney interview Feb 2017 with the Silver Fox at JOY FM.

Upcoming shows
Dave Graney and Clare Moore NSW dates w/ special guests from Brussels/Miami Georgio "the Dove" Valentino and Patrizia F.

Sunday 2nd April(2.30pm - 5.30pm TBC)- Dangar Island Bowling Club NSW
Tuesday 4th April (7pm - 9pm) Georgio only @ The Bearded Tit -
Thursday 6th April - Oxley Wine Bar Cowra
Friday 7th April - Bowral Bowling Club
Saturday 8th April - Gearin Hotel, Katoomba
Sunday 9th April - Smiths Canberra

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