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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

March digital release on Cockaigne- How Long Does The Raunch? by Dave Graney and Clare moore

"Starts with jazz guitar chords and vocals. Then Drum Machine, Vibes, Marimba and electric guitar.
Over stimulation. Modern life is demanding. Filling a dude with images and feels, emotions dragged and pulled out, demanded.
Follow up to Be Sad For Me and coming from a similar direction. This time worrying about "normalization" of images of violence and sex and the immediate, thrilling power they have. How they are described as "raunchy". Kind of cute. Gaddafi on youtube getting hunted and hacked and kicked by a mob. Starving children in third world countries. Can you unsee such things? How long do "raunchy" things stay plain old raunchy? Do they get stale or do you? How long do they stay? Stay "raunchy"? What happens to you?What do you do with it? What does it do to you?"

 "For me the work of Dave Graney and Clare Moore is the musical equivalent of reading Samuel Beckett, Thomas Pynchon, John Cowper Powys etc - a lengthy note on this thinking will follow in the next few days - pending that here's some aural stimulation ----" Bob Osborne- Salford...


released March 24, 2017
dave graney - vocals, electric and acoustic , rhythm machine guitar
clare moore - vibes, marimba.

recorded at the Ponderosa in February 2017 by Dave Graney and Clare Moore

written by dave graney
copyright control

pic by Barry Douglas 

Upcoming shows
Dave Graney'n' the Coral Snakes

Lizottes in Newcastle March 31st.
Sydney April 1st - the Basement
Melbourne - saturday June 3rd - Memo Music Hall
Dave Graney and Clare Moore NSW dates w/ special guests from Brussels/Miami Georgio "the Dove" Valentino and Patrizia.

Sunday 2nd April(2.30pm - 5.30pm TBC)- Dangar Island Bowling Club NSW
Tuesday 4th April (7pm - 9pm) Georgio only @ The Bearded Tit -
Thursday 6th April - Oxley Wine Bar Cowra
Friday 7th April - Bowral Bowling Club
Saturday 8th April - Gearin Hotel, Katoomba
Sunday 9th April - Smiths Canberra
Wednesday April 12th Candelo Cafe

Harry Howard and the NDE Thursday April 13th Inkerman Hotel St Kilda


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