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Friday, 11 October 2013

now at Bandcamp - POINT BLANK- digital only album release of the "narrative show" first performed in 2006.

The first of the dave graney "narrative shows".

A story about a performer finding and walking onto the stage, fighting many heroic battles. All songs written by Dave Graney from various albums recorded in the 90s

Recorded at the Butterfly Club, Sth Melbourne in 2006.
Two mics in the room.
Mark Fitzgibbon on a stand up piano.
Clare Moore on vibes, percussion and backing vocals.
Dave Graney telling the story and singing the songs into the room. No microphone.

Show was done again at the Butterfly Club in 2007, then in Adelaide at the Cabaret festival (successive years) and then in Sydney at the Opera House Studio.

The album is available as two complete files. Roughly 13 songs. Would have been one long file but that was too large for BandCamp.



released 11 October 2013 

dave graney - story and singing

mark fitzgibbon - standup piano

clare moore- vibes,percussion and singing

(The photos above are from the 2008 Sydney Opera House studio shows. the recording is from the much smaller Butterfly Club in 2006. 40 people in the room. No microphones except for those recording the room itself.)


Speak to my medium.....tight spot
I’m a comander....louder, moore brightly lit
lt colonel cavalry....stil a big performance
I don’t know you exist
land of the giants....Dave picks up guitar from piano? .....quieter...reflective
the brother who lived....bigger performance

aristocratic jive...Dave sits on stool at front of stage, spotlit
no pockets in jumpsuit.... jumping around...brighter
my schtick weighs a ton.....spot lit again -singing to his little doll/figurine
there he goes with his eye out..... a very gothic song bring lights down in the spoken intro as Dave talks and writes in a pad
I held the cool breeze... a long tail out with speaking in this song
rackin up some zeds....Dave pretty much duets with Clare on this
the devil drives... a long tense intro as Dave sets the suspense for the end of the show....

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