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Friday, 11 October 2013

now at bandcamp - SUPERMODIFIED- 16 track monster remixx-restring-replay-remaster-set from 2010


Available now at Bandcamp. This great set of remixes. Also vocals redone , guitars re played and re-recorded. All remixed and remastered. Songs from "Heroic Blues" (2001) and "the brother who lived" (2003) .

Available as a $15 digital download or $29 download with physical cd



It’s a remix/remaster/replayed compilation.
There are ten tracks from “the brother who lived”, 4 tracks from “heroic blues” and 4 previously unreleased songs that were all recorded at either of those sessions. “Its like a souped up hot rodded version of the original songs, with some extra tracks that got lost along the way. We put the songs up on the blocks and re-tuned them, re-sang them, re-strung them , put more drums and percussion and vocals and keys and remixed all of them. Inserted ,bussed , sent, returned, compressed , buzzed, eq’d and coloured all the reverbs and delays and remastered it at the end. Its a new thing. “
Standout tracks are Tracks 1 and 2 “the brother who lived” and “all our friends were stars” which were originally recorded with Greg Walker from Machine Translations, track 8, “are we goin’ too fast for love?” and track 11 “midnight to dawn”.
It’s a pop collection with a sleek, dark and sinister , kinda Roxy thread running through it. An album for the times.

players involved
Dave Graney, electric and acoustic guitar, bass and organ.
Clare Moore, drums, perdussion,vocals, organ.
Stu Perera, electric guitar.

Adele Pickvance,bass on tracks 3-5,7-8,10-11,113,16-17
Bill Miller, guitar on tracks 3-7,9,11,13

mastered by Greg Wadley
Cover illustration by Tony Mahony.

Track Listing
the brother who lived

all our friends were stars

like a millionaire
a boy named epic
the royal troll
clingin’ to the coast
I am your humble servant
are we goin’ too fast for love?
I’m seein’ demons
anchors aweigh

midnight to dawn

twilight of a villain
I ain’t natural
she looked at me from out of her eyes
my old gloves
while you dream,I live
I don’t know anything
commercial street east (starry) 


Recorded between 2001 aand 2004
Engineer for most sessions Adam Rhodes.
Remixed at the Ponderosa March- June 2010 by Dave gGaney and Clare Moore
Produced by Dave Graney and Clare Moore. 

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