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Friday, 11 October 2013

now at Bandcamp - We Wuz Curious - digital album only - 2008 CLASSIC from dave graney and the mistLY

Now available at Bandcamp. $15 fora  digital download. First album to really capture the mistLY with Stu Thomas and Stuart Perera blazing that cool funk. Jazz master Mark Fitzgibbon on keys.

A great album from a real creative peak.

you had to be drunk
I come from the clouds
lets kill god again
junk time
I like to be haunted
only passin' through
I'm in the future now

bring me my liar
I was a country boy
punk dies
I needed someone to find me
crime and underwear

After the sprawling, spiralling, duelling double disc that was "Hashish and Liquor" , Dave Graney and Clare Moore took to the road with a minimalist , lyrical trio and recorded "Keepin it Unreal".
Finding themselves starving for a groove and a beat, they jumped into a state of mind to produce the greatest album of their career, "We wuz curious". They wanted upbeat r&b grooves. R&B as in the chords and the licks and the beats. The flattened fives and the blue notes. All tricked up for a night OUT.
They had started to play with pianist Mark Fitzgibbon on Hashish and Liquor and wanted to work more with him in a collective situation. Stu Perera on guitar had joined forces with them in 1998 as a 19 year old, straight from college, and they wanted to get his jazz stylings on the tracks as well. Stu Thomas on the bass and vocals wuld pull it all together.

They woodshedded the tracks for two months at the Yarraville Mouth organ Band Hall in West Melbourne, working out all the parts. They arranged it all and were DOWN ON IT. They wanted to make a recording and BEAT THE DIGITAL ENNUI by forcing a SITUATION! A SENSE OF OCCASION! They went into Sing Sing South in September 2007 with their old school engineer Adam Rhodes. He hung so many mics around the drums room and the amps that it was gonna be impossible for any sound to escape unrecorded. they laid down 8 tracks in a day/ Everything, vocals, guitars, drums and backing vocals. It was like a jazz session.

Then Dave graney and Clare Moore took the hard drive back to their Ponderosa studio and mixed it over a month or so. It was finished by November 2007.

“We wuz curious” is , lyrically , probably the most autobiographical work by Dave Graney with 5 of the songs starting with the perpendicular pronoun “I”. It is also very much a “band” album with each player of the Lurid Yellow Mist collective contributing music for a song .
Within the songs, looking outwards , you could say in one place that its a
jazz/r&b album, elsewhere its pumping electro , over there “yacht rock” , elsewhere, wailing post punk. Lets call it a pop album.

2013 reflection... From Hashish and Liquor (via Keepin' it unreal) to this. It was a real rejuvenating period and I was full of artistic ambition and excitement. Coming from the band I guess. Stu Perera really stepping out and having Stu Thomas in the band. Then adding Mark Fitzgibbons' amazing chops. I love this album. All my favourite records that we've made start from "the devil drives" in 1997. That and "the dave graney show" in 1998 were also real artistic high points although I was in a much darker, beseiged, clossed off frame of mind then. I was like a punchy boxer.
By the time of "we wuz curious" I was in a much happier place. Playing a lot more guitar got me back into performing music in a different way. I love the r&b feels and the twin guitars and amazing keys on this album.

Fave lyric ... "douglas was in bed with a young girl / mary walked into the room
he said "who are you goin to believe? me or your eyes?"
he lit a cigarette and stared / the girl got dressed and left / comforted his wife made his bed and waked out himself
are you fuckin with me?"


Dave Graney, electric and acoustic guitar, bass and organ.
Clare Moore, drums, perdussion,vocals, organ.
Stu D aka Stuart Thomas, bass, vocals.
Stu Perera, electric guitar.
Mark Fitzgibbon, piano.

bvs on "junk time" by Jane Dust and Elizabeth McCarthy.
mastered by Greg Wadley
Cover illustration by Tony Mahony.

Recorded September 2007 at Sing Sing South.
Engineer Adam Rhodes.
Mixed at the Ponderosa October-November 2007 by Dave graney and Clare Moore
Produced by Dave Graney and Clare Moore.


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